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by MJK on November 28, 2009

Google Talk has offered an easy to use messenger to the Google fans.  However, the original set of 10 themes start looking boring after sometime and the users want to change to some new Cool theme for Gtalk.  TN has always tried to bring the best of the best to its readers and hence we are compiling a list of Best Gtalk Themes for our readers. I am sure you will love to try them and don’t forget to give us your feedback.

Before moving ahead, i wonder if you guys really know how to change theme in Google Talk? If no, click here to learn how to install new theme and then select/change it on Gtalk.

Ok! Done! Now i cant stop you anymore from the Awesome Themes for Google Talk below. Enjoy!

CandyBars Google Talk Theme


Give a colorful look like Candies and hence labeled Candbar Theme

Download: candybars.zip

Black Google Talk (Gtalk) Theme


This theme has been created by guys at SapienBryan. Its simple and elegant but it is heavy on its size i.e 1Mb.

Download: Googletalkblack.zip

Boo Google Talk (Gtalk) Theme

Boo Google Talk theme has light colors and gives a soothing effect.


Download: boogtalktheme.zip

Bubble Gum Google Talk (Gtalk) Theme

Although named bubblegum, this theme has smooth speech bubbles for incoming / outgoing messages, instead of the normal ones.


Download: bubblegumgtalk.zip

Digg Style Google Talk (GTalk) Theme

For those who love the style and appearance of Digg.


Download: Digg.zip

Forum Style Google Talk (GTalk) Theme

A theme that gives the look of a forum to Gtalk conversation window.


Download: forum.zip

Digital Ecstasy

A colorful glossy theme for your Google Talk!


Download: digital-ecstacy.exe

Banana Pack Google Talk (Gtalk) theme

A pack of two themes: banana and steel banana.


Download: bananapack.zip

DOS Style Google Talk (Gtalk) theme

The traditional DOS style Gtalk theme.


Download: dosbox.zip

Star Wars Google Talk (Gtalk) Theme

The Star Wars style theme.


Download: starwars

These are just a collection of few cool themes that i came across. You can find a lot of other themes but they didn’t attract me much so i compiled the list of themes that i found interesting.

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