5 Best FPS Games for Android

by MJK on December 2, 2010

FPS, which stands for First Person Shooter (and not Free Peanut Sacks), is a genre of gaming that has its own horde of fans. Many of the popular games of today are FPS – examples being the well known Call of Duty series or the Halo games for the Xbox. These particular members of this genre of gaming have been selected for your Android device – bag them and boost them!

Wi-Fi Army
Looking for a first person shooter game for the Android mobile device OS? Look no further. This particular elegant and excellent game app with noteworthy game play that involves ‘battles’ on streets in a sort of mix of Laser Tag and Assasin. Basically, players make use of the cameras in their mobile devices such as Google Nexus One and then the player that wins is the person who can make the highest kills. Furthermore, teams or rather ‘armies’ of up to 100 can be made.

This Android game app is a first person shooter game like no other. Rather than a battle or shooting on earth, it takes you to space. You have to battle against space bugs as well as their worm bosses, furthermore a shooter can also buy and sell various items like weapons or modify and fix the shooter’s ship. Get more info here

iCommando First-Person Shooter Game
This first person shooter game was so noteworthy as to have gained a review on Yahoo! The “iCommando: Dark Shadow” game is a product of iQapps and is a Delta Force like game. It basically follows a storyline in which the main character is a U.S. Army Major known as John McKenzie who goes on a number of missions and adventures. So much so that Yahoo! branded it as a game that “brings a new level of gaming excitement to Android users, providing an immersive world of weapons, tactical shooting, intense combat and stunning graphics.” You can read further details and buy it here

Heavy Gunner
Not interested in a first person shooter game with a human, a commando or in space? Want something more huge and mechanical? Com2Us brings a one of its kind 3D first person shooter game that involves a person controlling a mech and fighting against a horder of aliens. Pretty neat, eh? And it has the following features:
• Campaign and Challenge (Infinite Survival) Mode
• Global online rankings
• Upgradable weapons with various types and levels allowing more than 120 combinations
• 35 Missions with 3 levels of difficulty
• 50 achievements to be awarded with special medals

Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus
Looking for a rather mysterious and challenging first person shooter game similar to Silent Hill? This game app is then definitely for you. It combines both puzzle and mystery with excellent 3D graphics to bring you a game by Bendroid that has a good number of chapters in a game that will certainly spook you out at times. Some of its features include:
• Two worlds – Hospital and Hell
• Fully animated characters
• Action mode
• More puzzles and rooms then the first two chapters
• Dynamic puzzle solutions – not a single solutions for puzzles, each will be generated on each device

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