5 Best GPS Apps for Android – Download

by MJK on November 22, 2010

The frequent traveler has need of a number of navigation and GPS apps for that Android device that the traveler carries around. This particular list is made up of must have apps like Google Maps and several ‘niche’ apps like the Truck Stops app for Truck Drivers – in short, something for everyone. Dig right into this delicious Android topped meal and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Google Maps App for Android

Developer: Google Inc.

The absolute king of all gps and navigation apps on this planet is Google Maps. It is also one of the most extensive and accurate such maps that, combined with other Google services such as Google Earth, Google Traffic, Google Places and Google Street View results in one of the best gps for the Android. It has the following features:

• Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system
• Find nearby places
• See hours of travel and read reviews
• See friends on the map
• Get extensive directions for different modes of transportation

Click here to Download Google Maps App for Android

Poynt App for Android

Developer: Multiplied Media

Yet another navigation app, Poynt is actually a local search app that helps a user find information and directions on such places as businesses, movie theatres/cinemas and restaurants as well as find people or friends near you. You can then receive such information as the website address or even get directions, buy movie tickets at cinemas or book dinner reservations at restaurants.

Click here to Download Poynt App for Android

Truck Stops App for Android

Developer: AllStays

Are you a US Truck Driver? Truck Operator? Truck Company? This app is then definitely the it for you. It allows a person to use the GPS co-ordinates to show places that are near you and that relate to truck drivers. This includes such places as AM Best, Flying J, Pilot, Loves, Petro, TA & 1800 indies, low Clearance and weigh scales stations, CAT, Speedco and truck washes. You can either look for it on a map or use a manual mode. Furthermore, owners of such places not on the map can submit places or update details of existing places.

Click here to Download Truck Stops App for Android

ShowNearby™ App for Android

Developer: ShowNearby

For Singapore Android users comes an app that helps you find places that are close to you. These places include ATM’s, AXS, Bus Stops with bus timings, Car-Parks, Petrol Stations, Movie Theatres, Restaurants as well as an assorted collection of other places. A person can also add feedback to places or submit their own places.

Scan the below QR Code from your Android phone.

NavDroyd App for Android

Developer: OneStepAhead AG

Perhaps one of the truest GPS apps for the Android, NavDroyd is aptly named as such. It comes with a good number of features that make it one of the best Onboard GPS navigation apps. It requires no cellular network required and does not incur any hidden roaming costs. The maps are also updated frequently. It has the following features:

• worldwide 2D/3D OSM maps
• turn-by-turn routing/navigation
• voice/audio guidance (\u003e1.6)
• car/pedestrian routing (bike to come)
• local search (places/POI)
• visual/audio speed warning
• map themes (day/night/outdoor)
• frequent map updates

Click here to Download NavDroyd app for Android

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Roland Simonitsch July 12, 2011 at 11:25 pm

I am trying to find a app for my android that has truck routes, not just truck stops. It needs to be truck routes to avoid low over passes and weight restricted roads.


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