Animal Planet App for Android – Free Download

by MJK on August 14, 2010

If you are reading this, i am sure you are a die hard fan of Discovery famous channel called “Animal Planet”. Now the best news for all the fans out there is that Animal Planet has just made available a FREE Animal Planet app for Android users.

The Free Animal Planet App for Android offers a lot of functionalities. You can browse through a huge collection of videos pieces, watch amazing collection of animal pictures or find out about the next scheduled show of River Monsters through the Show Schedules. Not only this, you can also participate in the variety of quizzes to test your knowledge about the animals. Now this isn’t it! There are a lot of other small yet interesting stuff offered by this FREE app of Animal Planet and i am sure you will only find it out when you explore it yourself.

Download Animal Planet Free App for Android

To download Animal Planet Free App, go to the Android Market from your Android Phone and search for “Animal Planet”. You will find the app and hence you can download it. There is also a QR code available below which you can scan through your android phone to download the app.


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