Apple Can Launch Navigational Software for iPhone in near Future

by MJK on December 19, 2010

After acquisition of PlaceBase by Apple before one and a half year, Now Apple seems to make its own navigational apps.

Some days ago Apple announced jobs for engineers who should have work experience on navigational software. Apple needs four engineers to work with its iOS development team. Apple explained in the advertisement that the applicants should have

valuable knowledge” in “Computational Geometry or Graph Theory” and “Experience developing navigation software“.

This job advertisement indicates that Apple is planning to make its own navigational software applications. Till this time Apple is depending n the Google to get the maps and navigational app. It seems that Apple don’t want to rely on Google anymore due to the increasing rivalry competition with Google. It is not difficult to judge that what apple is planning for after the acquisition of PlaceBase in July 2009 and purchasing the Canadian based map development firm “Poly9”. After these major acts, the job announcement for engineers confirms that Apple is planning to make its own navigational software application.

Most important thing to note is that Apple is asking to have experience in “Linux server-side development of distributed systems”. Another notable thing is that Apple announced the job vacancies this week and asking for the people who will be working on “distributed image processing on a server cluster”.

These job announcements and the acquisition of companies by Apple help us allot to figure out the future plans of Apple.

The most intrusting thing will be that how this rumored navigational app will be compared to the Android’s free turn by turn GPS system. It is also important to note that there are already some very cool 3rd party navigational apps are running on iPhone. What do you think that will Apple’s navigational app make its place in the app’s market?

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