Top 15 Best Free Android Games Review

by MJK on August 16, 2010

We keep on publishing many game reviews for Android, but today i thought why not compile the best list of 15 games that you can have and play on your Android  all for free, Yup just go through the game reviews and download your favorite game today and play, play, play…

Top 15  free Android Games on our list are:

ON #15  Coloroid: The game has simple controls and the whole concept is colorfully easy, there are different colored blocks on the screen and you just have to make the whole page of the same color expanding one color block with minimal moves, it’s quite like photo shop’s fill tool but at a much advanced level, a nice casual game to have on your Android all for free:) so color and win.
Watch the video here:

# 14 Jewels:

Yet another colorful game with the real sound effects as when gems and jewels drop on one another it clicks clicks, there are different rows of gems and you play in columns trying to tap each gem of the same shape and color to score, with nice bright colors and wide screen play its a good time pass game to have.
Watch the video here:

#13 Parallel Kingdom:
This is definitely going to be one  of the favorite games on my list, since everything happening here is based on real life location from where ever your playing the game from, its a fun game where you are a gold coin and follow a map meeting different characters on the way when you select any one of them they give away certain options and you play by them, this is a social game where you can also have other people coming in to chat and play.

Watch the video here:

#12 The Great Land Grab:
This game too is a cross between ‘map tool’ and ‘foursquare’ and might remind you of parallel kingdom, here your local area is divided in to mini rectangular patches and you take ownership of them, buying them and traveling through them, the next day some one else becomes the owner of your land and the game moves on.

#11 Connec Too:
Another color based game for your android, all you have to do is connect the colored shaped blocks with one another, like yellow to yellow, blue to blue and watch if you can make way for red to red to connect, a very simple and nice game to have with no price at all.

#10 Brain Genius Deluxe:
This game is the only IQ based game that i decided to add in the list, its a nice game to have when you want to make your brain work after the very monotonous living lifestyle, with very interesting questions to it, although a bit slow in presentation i recommend this game to all, hhmm thinking about the slow part..take it this way along with some fun it teaches you patience too:) Talk about being positive…

# 09 Titres:
A clone of Tetris the ever popular game where you try your best to have the least number of lines on your screen and never stop making score till the blocks and lines fill to the top, i remember playing it on ‘game boy’..long time, anyway this is just the same and if you missed playing it…download it and have it on your phone all in one.

# 08 Bonsai Blast:
This game might remind you of ‘Puzzle Bobble’, Bonsai Blast is a fun colorful game where you guide the balls with your finger to the top moving through the curvy paths, you have to gather three balls of the same color taking them up before you reach the Yin Yang sign, its pretty addictive so download it now and enjoy.
Watch the video here:

# 07 Frozen Bubble:
So in this game there is a different colored ball and an arrow that shoots up to the other colored balls, and you have to make sure you hit the right cluster of balls to score more and more points, its a nice game for your android, better download it.

# 06 Drop:
Drop is a nice game to have, since all you gotta do is tilt your phone to the left or right and guiding the ball down through the gaps, i enjoyed playing the game since it keeps alert and moving so folks a simple yet enjoyable game to have. Go for it.
Watch how you can play this game here:

# 05 The Red Stone:
On number 5 we give you one of the hardest square block games where you try you’re best to make way for that big size red block to make its way up to the top by shuffling other blue stones, a fun puzzle game to play and free. You can not really describe a puzzle game in words you gotta have it and than enjoy the fun it brings along.

# 04 Air control:
You know this is one of those games where you take control of your airplane and guide it to the runway making sure it lands on the right spot, i liked it coz it makes your landing moves sharp and playing it on Android makes it so easy since you just have to tap your finger to guide it.
Watch the video here:

# 03 Gem Miner:
I really liked this game coz it revolves around a strategy, you are the miner and go on digging for precious items that you find on the way, the more you dig deep the better expensive ores and stuff you get, you also have a choice to sell any of the dug items to upgrade your digging powers and buy better tools and maps. A fun digging game to have on your phone download it for free.

#02 Sketch Online:
Wow i just love to sketch and given a choice to draw and guess is another cool thing about this game, where multi players can come in together one starts to draw and others guess what it might be..who ever answers first becomes the sketcher. A fun and interactive game to have on your phone, for free.

# 01  Radiant Lite:
On our # one free game for Android after twenty years i proudly present to you all an old fashioned game with a few new and advanced features Radiant Lite, the same space invader style game with those glowy aliens coming down with mother ships, drones and meteors and you fight to protect your world, in Radiant there are a few power ups and new weapons. You can try it out for free.With great graphics and sound effects Radiant is a very visually attractive game with a twist to it. Hope on to a fun space mission, you have to have it to enjoy to the fullest.
Watch the video here:

We hope you’ll enjoy reading the free game reviews and will have them on your Androids soon, do post in your comments as to which turned out to be your best one.Happy playing:)

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Jonathan July 16, 2011 at 4:52 am

Give a try to “Skyball”. it is a fast, challenging, 3D racing game very nice and disorienting.


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