Blekko and RockMelt, Your new Web Browsers

by MJK on November 11, 2010

We have been waiting for a new web browser to come out which will rival Google and which can act as the amalgamation point for the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

RockMelt has received about $10 million in funding from some well known Web executives, most notably from the venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen is Marc Andreessen, who was co-developer of the Mosaic Netscape browser and co-founder of Netscape Communications. The browser itself was developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria.This is described as a “social” web browser and relies on the fact that much online activity is now based in and around social networking sites such as Facebook and tweeting on Twitter – as well as searching on the likes of Google. What RockMelt does is to minimize the requirement to roam from one website to another by grouping a user’s favorites and data in a drop-down box .

The biggest thing that is holding RockMelt down is that when you first launch RockMelt, you have to sign in with your Facebook account. No account? You can’t use RockMelt. And secondly currently you have to be invited to join. If you are interest you can get your supplication from www.rockmelt.com

On the other hand Blekko has been termed as the Google-killer. But is it so??? Let’s see

Blekko was founded by Rich Skrenta in 2007 and is backed by US$24 million in venture capital. The goal according to the founder is “to clean up web search and get all the spam out of it’. And how do you do that? It works by ranking the recommendations of users and filters-out irrelevant websites and fabricated content. From our experience we all know that the responses to our web searches are disorderly and indistinct by all the irrelevant pages, spam sites and paid-for listings which are a nuisance for the web searcher. In Blekko the searcher/user pre-selects their top choices, most useful sites in the first instance and then limits he future searches to those. This is done by the content uses what are called “slashtags” written by “curators” (different search words separated by a ‘/’ ) to organize search and does so via a checklist of “trusted sources” developed “in the first instance”

One of the features of Blekko lets you filter out the spam from your search result this you can do by just clicking on the little button “spam” and there you go! That website will be removed from your search and will never re-appear.

Calling Blekko the Google-killer is an exaggeration but anything that gives it some competition is worth a try. In the words of Rich Skrenta “ We have a lot of money in the bank and we are not going anywhere”

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