Directx 11.1 and Directx 12 Release Details?

by Mr. Waltz on November 16, 2010

Update: Click here to read about  DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade for Crysis 2 Game

Over the past 3 years we have seen quiet alot of directX updates and releases. DirectX 10,10.1 and 11 were all released during this same period. So the question comes to mind when can we see the next directX update. The answer, only Microsoft knows and they are not in a hurry to reveal it. Also not really sure wheather it will be a straight DirectX 12 release or an update of Directx 11 (Directx 11.1).

Looking at the recent history one would recall that Directx 10 was released with the release of Windows Vista , while DirectX 11 was released with Windows 7. So in a way we can assume that DirectX 12 will release with the release of Windows 8. But that is hypothetical as there is no such news when the next Windows edition is coming out, although some  unofficial bloggers are hushing about a Windows 8 release in 2012. So we might have a possible release date of somewhere in 2012. This would also mean that the possibility of DirectX 11.1 release would be possible sometime in mid 2011.

A review of DirectX timeline would suggest that by mid 2011 we would have DirectX 11.1 update coming out. However it also depends on the necessity of any such update. The game developers seems to be happy with DirectX 11 with new releases lined up for 2011.  As such no real hurry to jump on to any updates.


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