Directx 11 for Windows XP [How To Install & Ruin Your System]

by Mr. Waltz on November 16, 2010

There are still a lot of Windows XP fans out there who are trying to install DirectX 11 on Windows XP without any success. Well the point is that Windows Xp is not meant to run DirectX 11 – Period. You might get hold of some Fake Download link and it will end up ruining your system.

DirectX 11 is specially designed to run with Windows 7 with support for Windows Vista. The problem is that Hackers have tried their best to crack it, but seem to foget its just not meant to run with old technology. However if you start searching the internet you would find blogs giving you guides and installation notes about how to install Directx 11 on windows Xp or Download Directx 11 for Windows XP – THEY ARE ALL FAKE and worse contains Trojans and other viruses. Here is how one of the blogger explains it;

After deeper studying over the Internet, I noticed this DirectX 11 Vista and XP installer is actually fake one and consist of trojan horse thread. This DX 11 XP vista trojan horse is actually a virus writer and cracker creation to take advantage of gamers curiosity to install the latest version of DirectX. Meanwhile, you will noticed the fake DirectX 11 XP and vista exe file contains three viruses when the exe file is run.

Here are the fake screenshots;

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Hugo Santos February 26, 2011 at 9:55 pm

Windows XP old technology, very funny! – if windows 7 is the latest technology, you can have it. One operating system that take all the liberty of the user, great, just great. Move files, see the hard disk tree, copy files, this is some things are better than windows 7.
Microsoft is making a very bad job in this matter. I am only waiting for a good version of the linux operating system, to change.


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