Download mSpot for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Cloud based music streaming service

by MJK on December 17, 2010

mSpot is basically a cloud based music streaming service in which you can easily upload your favorite music on the mSpot servers and can listen that music anywhere any time by using any computer or mobile having internet connectivity.

This service was released in June of 2010. This service was only available on the android based smartphones and tablets but from yesterday it is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch having iOS 4 or higher.

If you a music lover and also have an iPhone or iPod Touch then you can now also enjoy this awesome service.

There are also the competitors of mSpot in the market like Rhapsody  but mSpot is different from Rhapsody that the music available on mSpot is the choice of user whereas on Rhapsody you have to listen only the music that is available in the music library. You can also upload your favorite music to mSpot server by using client file on your PC or Mac. Once you have uploaded your music file on the server then you can access that music file and can listen anytime anywhere. This awesome feature of mSpot is best for the people who face shortage of storage capacity in their iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can also download songs to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from mSpot to listen at the times when you don’t have the internet connectivity. The client file on your desktop will keep checking your songs collection on the server and update it as soon as you upload any file from another location. mSpot offers you free space of 2GB and if you have larger music collection then you can get up to 40GB space just by paying $3.99.

After reading the awesome features of mSpot this question came in mind that why Apple didn’t started the same cloud based music service in iTunes. We are fully hoped that Apple will also work on it after hiring the Lala. For the people who don’t know, Lala is the company which provides the same service like mSpot. However, Lala was shut down a few months after the acquisition. With the recent data center acquisitions however, Apple does look well poised to bring a cloud storage option (subscription based of course) to iTunes sometime soon. Surely, it would have been more useful to people than say something like Ping, which did not ruffle many feathers.

You can get the mSpot by click on the iTunes link given below

Download mSpot for iPhone and iPod Touch

Have you used it on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Did you like it? Tell us about your experience with mSpot

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