Convert DMG to ISO Disk Image with ISO Buddy Converter [Freeware]

by MJK on July 3, 2010

The ISO Buddy is a feature rich software that has the ability to convert almost any CD/DVD image format to ISO image file. The software has the ability to convert a vast range of image formats into ISO Image file. However, the unique one is that you can convert Apple’s disk image DMG format and Nero’s NRG into ISO image file. The list of other supported formats is as following:

- Roxio Global Image (gi)
- Nero Image (nrg)
- Padus Discjuggler Image (cdi)
- Alcohol 120% Image (mdf)
- IMG Image (img)
- Blindwrite (Old) Image (b5i, b6i)
- Macintosh Image (dmg)
- Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD Image (pdi)
- CDRWin Image (bin)
- CloneCD Image (ccd)

You can Download the ISO Buddy Converter from here

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