LG Smart TV Upgrader – Convert Your Normal TV Into A Smart TV

by MJK on December 30, 2010

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is not so far now and we all are expecting so much surprises in it. All the tech giants are preparing their products to show in CES and most of the products are also ready to show but they are waiting for the right time. Same like other, LG is also taking part in CES and this tech giant is going to show a Smart TV Upgrader (ST600).

This is a small device which will be easily available in affordable price. It can easily convert your regular TV into Smart TV and make your TV so powerful that you can get Premium online contents, Smart Share and you would also be able to access the LG apps.

Now these are the words of Havis Kwon, CEO of LG Home Entertainment:

The market for Smart TVs is set to take off this year, and the ST600 offers a perfect entry point. With the LG Smart TV Upgrader, we’re taking the excitement and convenience of Smart TV and adding in LG’s trademark ease-of-use because we see a significant audience who are interested but not interested enough to buy a whole new TV.

- via Korea Times -

If you want to know more details about this device then lets have a look on the specs of LG Smart TV Upgrader:

1. Main CPU: BCM7615

2. DDR 384MB, 1GB Flash

3. LG Add-on Architecture + Web Browser

4. AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

5. Wi-Fi, Ethernet, DLNA (DMP)

6. USB: 1EA (USB mouse, external storage)

7. Input Devices: Finger Touch RCU

8. Premium Content

9. LG Apps

10. Size: 11cm x 11cm

- via Korea Times -

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