Apple Possibly Launch iOS 4.3 and Introduce iPad 2 Within Next Ten Days

by MJK on February 4, 2011

After launching three beta versions of iOS 4.3, there are strong chances that Apple will released iOS 4.3 with two new features of personal Wi-Fi hotspot and ability to use in-app subscriptions for general public. We all were reading the rumors about  the components of iPad 2 but the information about the launch of iPad 2 was consistent that it will launch in the 1st quarter of year 2011. Now here is a news about the launch of iPad 2 that with the release of iOS 4.3 Apple may also announce the launch of iPad  2.

According to the John Gruber from Daring Fireball,  Apple will probably launch iOS 4.3 on February 13th.

The Daily requires a subscription – either $1 per week, or $40 per year. They’re using a new in-app subscription payment system from Apple for this – but these in-app subscription APIs aren’t in iOS 4.2. So The Daily launched today, free for a limited time. They announced at the event that this initial free two-week period was brought to us by: Verizon.

This report seems correct as “The Daily” is free for two week but after two weeks users will surely need the In-App subscription feature which is not present in iOS 4.2.1 so you can definitely expect iOS 4.3 on February 13th.

Moreover, if you carefully read the review of Verizon iPhone 4 by David Pogue’s then you will notice that you also get clue that Apple will possibly launch the iOS 4.3 on February 13th.

The single new feature in Verizon’s iPhone is Personal Hotspot, where the iPhone becomes a Wi-Fi base station. Up to five laptops, iPod Touches or other gadgets can get online, using the phone as a glorified Internet antenna.

That’s incredibly convenient. Many other app phones have it – AT&T’s iPhone gets it on Feb. 13 – but Apple’s execution is especially nice

Here I want to share another interesting point which really gives power to the news about which I am trying to convince you. This review has been edited and instead of the line “AT&T’s iPhone gets it on Feb. 13″, it is now like this, “AT&T says its iPhone will get it soon”.

A report from MacNotes.de is also pointing toward possible event by Apple in next week for releasing iOS 4.3 and announcing iPad 2

We will keep an eye on all the latest updates about iOS 4.3 and iPad 2 and will post on Technama so stay tuned. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself up to date with latest updates from the world of technology.

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