Download Firefox Mobile 4 RC for Android and Maemo

by MJK on March 24, 2011

After releasing some alpha and five beta version, at last Mozilla has released the Firefox Mobile 4 RC, which means that we are not so far from its final version. RC version has so many improvements in it like faster scrolling, text re-formatting on zoom, copy past feature, responsive to Firefox Sync, Speed and rendering is also much faster in it. These improvements in RC version shows the hard work of the team behind it and we really appreciate these improvements  but it’s still not perfect as compared to other mobile browsers. It should be improved more.

The first alpha version of Firefox Mobile 4 was release in April of 2011. The company called in Fennec, not Firefox. That was totally a nightmare for mobiles due to so many bugs. That also use to crash the OS of mobile so many times after the installation and was consuming so much power. The company worked really hard on Fennec and then released the beta version with a lot of improvements.

Mozilla have to work really hard to convince people to delete the previously installed browser in the mobiles and install Firefox mobile 4. We wish Mozilla best of luck for the final release.

Release Notes of Firefox Mobile4 RC – (Official video of What’s New)

Download Firefox Mobile 4 RC

What do you expect in Mozilla mobile 4 final version? Let us know by writing in the comment section below. Keep visiting TechNama for latest software and tools.

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