Download Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 9

by MJK on January 17, 2011

Mozilla has released 9th beta version of Firefox 4. It has so many unique and improved features in it. Mozilla is expected to release the final beta of Firefox 4 in next month.

Start-up, bookmarking, and complex animations are they key points which are in improved form in the latest beta version. As the Firefox lover knows that the look is almost the same in all the beta versions but Mozilla basically emphasize on improving the features of its awesome and powerful browser.

Previous version of Firefox did not support some of plug-ins and add-ons but now developers fix that issue. Even now this beta version also doesn’t support some of plug-ins and add-ons like Firebug.

Apart from its one negative part it is surely more powerful and faster than its previous beta versions. The users who upgraded Mozilla Firefox from beta 7 to 8 must noticed the increase of speed and now it’s even faster than 8.

The matter of fact is that the look can be compromised but users can never comprise on the quality and features. It seems that Mozilla is also working on same thought.

Important Note for Mac users:

If you have Mac OS X 10.6 then Netflix might don’t work because there is a conflict between the 32-bit Silverlight plug-in and 64-bit Firefox 4. You can switch to Chrome or Safari to fix this issue.

This release is very important for Mozilla as there are so many powerful competitors in the market just like Google chrome which has 10% shares in market.

Here are release notes of Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 9. I am pretty sure that you will surely want to download it after reading this much about it so here I am providing it download link

Download Firefox 4 beta 9

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