Top 15 Best Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing Programs and Applications

by MJK on February 5, 2011

The Downloading of softwares, movies or music files from any link is becoming old fashioned and such websites are also very rare which are providing full and free software and HD quality DVDs whereas most of the people on the internet are looking for registered software’s at least with a crack or keygen or movies with nice video quality. If you are also looking for the solution of this problem then finish all of your worries as here I am sharing with you 15 excellent peer to peer (P2P) applications by which you can download full and free contents from web. From couple of years, P2P applications are getting very popular among internet users but you should also keep in mind that all P2P applications are not safe because these applications are also a medium to spread dangerous virus, spams and spywares but you don’t have to worry as this list of 15 best P2P software’s are completely save and million of people are using these applications all over the globe. Let’s have a look on my collection.

1. uTorrent

It is one of those P2P applications in my list that are most widely used all over the globe. It is lightweight and faster bittorent client. It also provides you a lot of useful features which really make you its fan. Those wonderful features include  RSS downloader, Multiple Downloading capability and Bandwidth configuration and iPv6 support.

Compatibility: Window Xp, Vista , 98 and NT.


2.  iMesh

iMesh again very well known and most commonly used application for p2p file sharing . The best and unique feature is its support for multi-languages. It has more than fifteen million Free songs and videos from which two million are HD quality licensed.  I must say that it is the best software to download music and video contents.

Compatibility: Windows Xp and Vista.


3. Shareaza

It is one of first P2P file sharing applications and the famous quote, “Old is Gold” perfectly suits this application as it has plenty of features in it which you won’t find in most of P2P applications all together. It supports Gnutella, Gnutella2, Edonkey Network, Bittroent, FTP and HTTP network protocols. The list of its features don’t get finish here, it also support magnetic links, ed2k links, piolet links and Gnutella links. Billion of the people around the glob are using this application.

Compatibility: Windows XP and Vista.


4. Ares Galaxy

Ares Galaxy is small network based program as compared to other peer 2 peer programs but its performance is excellent. You can blindly trust on this software if you are concern with blocking the virus, malwares, ad-wares and spywares.

Compatibility: Windows XP and Vista.


5. Overnet

This application is based on their own network. It has million of its fans all over the globe due to its cool features like fast downloading, search, Decentralized and File Corruption detection etc.

Compatibility: Linux, Windows and Mac Operating system.


6.  Kazaa

Just like Shareaza, it is also one of those early softwares which developed in the early stage of P2P application’s era and includes many great features but  unfortunately it has lost its popularity due to a lot of complaints from its users about virus , malwares, spy-wares and lawsuit against Kazaa also played great role in declining its popularity. The best part is that the company is trying its best to improve the quality of Kazaa and gain its lost popularity. They also have succeeded to some extent.

Compatibility: Windows XP and Vista.


7. Soulseek

It is kind of central server P2P file sharing software and also one of the earliest programs developed for p2p file sharing. It is not very famous but indeed the best for downloading music, audio, mp3 files.

Compatibility: Windows XP and Vista.


8. Azureus

Azureus is now called as Vuze. It is the one of the best torrent client which built with search functionality and sharing of P2P torrent at the same time. The best part of this P2P software is that you can download a file much faster due to its best bandwidth management.

Compatibility: Linux, Windows and Mac Operating system.


10. Acquistion

It is LimeWire based application which uses Gnutella Network for P2P file sharing and BitTorrent Client. It is comparatively new and paid P2P application.

Compatibility:  Mac OS x.


9. KC easy

The best part of this software is that it is based on giFT P2P file sharing protocol which improves the overall performance of P2P network. If you are finding a software which can download a file from more than one peers then click on the download link given below. It also supports multi-languages.

Compatibility: Windows XP and Vista.


11.  Bearshare

This is smart and efficient software for P2P file sharing and  have millions of users and billions of files are available to download. It also supports multi language feature like iMesh. If you want to download Music and mp3 files than it is the best P2P software.

compatibility: Windows XP and Vista.


12. LimeWire

One of the most cool P2P software in my collection. It is clean, safe, malware and virus free software. It features built in media player, optimized search result and it also allow you to download  from different hosts.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X as well.


13. Piolet

It is 3rd generation P2P software and comparatively newer than the other big names in the market of P2P file sharing application but it is moving toward the top P2P applications with a great speed. It is a paid application but its free version is also available on the web but the negative part of free version is that it is full of ads.

Compatibility: Windows XP Only.


14. BittTorrent

BittTorrent is the most commonly used P2P program which is much faster and safer than any other P2P software for file sharing.  All i can say about this software is Wow.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac.


15.  FrostWire

This is also another great P2P application which completely free from all kind of virus, malwares and spywares and its unique feature is its integration with iTunes. Other features includes RSS downloader, Multiple downloading function, Bandwidth configuration and support of IPv6.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 98 and NT.


I am sure that you will agree with my top 15 collection of P2P file sharing applications. If you want to share something about peer 2 peer file Sharing, clients and Networks than please do comment in the box below. We will keep writing on the top lists every month so stay tuned with Technama for the most latest softwares, applications, games and devices of every month.

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Woah i cant believe that frostwire and bittorrent has just gone to # 14th and 15th place.


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