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If you are also a big fan of Mozilla Firefox from long time like me then for you, this post would surely be the best blog post of the day because Mozilla has released Mozilla Firefox 4 RC on their official website to download. For your convenience,

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FireFox 3.6.8 Released

by MJK on July 25, 2010

Firefox has just released its latest version of the famous browser Firefox 3.6.8. The new version comes just days after the release of Firefox 3.6.7. The quick release of the new version indicates that there was a serious flaw in the previous version which the developer team came across and hence fixed it. So to confirm my feelings, i had to go directly to the Release Note for Firefox 3.6.8. However, the Firefox team has declined to share much details but i am sure we can always read between the lines. Here is what the Release Notes say: [click to continue…]


SkyFire 2.2 Browser for Android – Download

July 19, 2010

The browser market is getting competitive day by day and new operators are entering it. The SkyFire is one famous mobile phone browser specially designed for Google Android powered phones.  SkyFire has just released its latest version SkyFire for Android Phones. The new SkyFire 2.2 browser brings a lot of new features and hence […]

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Opera 10.6 Beta – Preview Details and Download

June 16, 2010

Opera much anticipated Opera 10.6 Beta has just been released to the public as shared by TC. The new Opera 10.6 beta brings a lot of new and exciting features including fresh UI, Geolocation support, WebM support for HTML5 beside the biggest factor of speed i.e 50% faster then its predecessor. The Opera addition comes […]

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Firefox 4, What’s coming up? [Browsers]

May 11, 2010

[BROWSERS] Engadget has put up a presentation from Mozilla which shares its plan for upcoming Firefox 4.0. The presentation does not chalks out exact dates and features but gives an overview of where they would like to head with Firefox 4.0. The presentation shows Mozilla would like to share the beta version of Firefox in […]

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How to Backup and Restore Your Web Browser with FavBackup?

July 18, 2009

Lately Web Browsers are becoming the most important software’s in our computers since all the applications are shifting from our hard disks to the web. The concept of cloud computing is further increasing the importance of web based processing and less reliance on our local data. Even MS Office has decided to go online and […]

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Opera Browser HD Wallpapers

July 12, 2009

We have brought you Top awesome Linux wallpapers, windows 7 wallpapers,  wacky linux fart wallpaper , Google chrome wallpapers, mozilla firefox wallpapers… and all of them got tremendous response . So we thought we would add to that list. So now we include wallpapers for Opera Web Browser.  So sit back and choose a good […]

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How to Change Your Default Browser in a Single Click?

July 1, 2009

I am a fan of Firefox and hence i rarely try other browsers. However, i have all three famous browsers installed on my laptop i.e FireFox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. My default browser is of course Mozilla Firefox. However, there are some Technology Geeks out there who need to switch between different browsers all […]

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Download Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta

June 9, 2009

Opera has been my preferred browser for mobile and it has really made my life easy. Now i am really excited to find out that Opera software had made available the beta version of its mobile browser titled Opera Mobile 9.7. Opera Mobile 9.7 beta features Opera Turbo technology and Opera Presto 2.2 – the […]

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Download Opera 10 Beta – Review

June 3, 2009

Opera 10 Beta version has finally been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. This new version is definitely faster then its predecessors with an inbuilt spell checker and html e mails. Few of the most noticeable changes  in Opera 10 are the new default skin, created by British designer Jon Hicks, and a totally revamped […]

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Chrome 2 Review: New Features & Upgrades

May 23, 2009

On Thursday Google Launched chrome 2, a purportedly faster and more feature-filled version of the search giant’s Web browser. Google chrome is directly competing with Internet explorer and Firefox for the browsing engine market. So whats so different about this upgrade , lets have a closer view: New Features: Chrome 2.0 is faster than Version […]

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Firefox Slams Windows 7: Unfair Advantage To Internet Explorer Browser

May 8, 2009

Internet Explorer’s main rival Firefox and other browsers have slammed Microsoft Corp for giving undue advantage to Internet explorer. Microsoft Corp’s new version Windows 7 is stirring fresh complaints of anti competitive behavior from rivals who say the new version of the operating system gives unfair advantage to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, the Financial Times […]

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Firefox 3.5 & Fennec Offer Google GeoLocation Services

May 3, 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 beta 4 version and Firefox mobile web browser aka Fennec will feature Geolocations, thanks to Google. Geo Locations is an opt in addon for the Firefox users that will ask their permission to give them results based on their current location. To figure our your current location the addon will rely on […]

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