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Wow! now here’s  a great option for all you iPhone owners considering the great features you get on it grab another opportunity to turn your iPhone into a visual vocabulary phone, the credit goes to the Vocabahead team, who’s website review has already been posted previously on technama site click here to read, now they have come up with VocabAhead App on your iPhone, where you can download the whole world of words dictionary, with correct pronunciation, [click to continue…]


Are you all working hard with building your vocabulary to appear in SAT, GRE or ACT? Here is your chance to do it innovatively with If you learn something in a fun way, that remains forever in your memory and this is what wordahead aims to do for potential vocab learners. WordAhead, a free video vocabulary website offers an innovative method to help students learn and remember difficult English words.

Basically the words are described using audio/visual cues with the help of short, simple and fun multimedia clips. The multimedia clips contain pictures or illustrations with audio commentary giving pronunciation and contextual explanation of the word. It would have been more compelling if the characters inside the illustrations were animated; either i am missing to find animations or am asking too much from wordahead team:). The attention span for learners has been kept in mind while producing clips so you won’t see any longer videos. And hey teachers can also benefit from this by just showing some interesting clips to their students or assigning them to make an interesting clip for a word and then upload it. After the review, if video is approved it appears in video section and even if it gets more popular it can enter in to ‘studyroom’.

Wordahead gives you a daily dose of one word to learn a new word every day. You can subscribe to their feed or if you like Youtube more than any thing, you can see wrodahead videos on youtube channel. Last but not the least when we asked about what’s coming ahead on wordahead from their team here is what they say:

Currently we have over 660 Vocabulary videos on the website, however, new videos are added regularly. Our goal is to upload several thousand videos in the coming months. WordAhead team is also working to make the Study Room more interactive and customizable. Users especially teachers will be able to create their own wordlists in accordance with the level of their students. These lists will then be shared with the students. We plan to add vocabulary quizzes for self assessment as well. WordAhead also plans to make our educational material available for offline use as well in the form of flashcards, DVD etc.

Well, we wish good luck to the Wordahead team for their plans. And yea, students or just for fun learners if any of you happen to test wordahead, do share your experience with us.

Here is a wordahead video from their youtube channel:

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